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Have you ever read a sample Church Financial Report? Most churches, especially smaller ones, do not have an official financial statement that they can use to show the congregation. If the financial statements were available then you could take a look at them and see if you agree with the figures presented. You would probably be surprised. There are some very honest ways of presenting financial statements and they do not necessarily use words like “is”, “isn’t”, “and” or “is bankrupt”.

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Let’s say for example that your church uses excel to produce the statement. If you were to create a free financial report templates on excel, what changes would you make to the excel sample church financial statement template? The first thing you would do is change the number of years to be published in the excel table from the default of five to ten. You would also change the start date to today.

Then you would change the number of months to be published in the financial report from the default of six to ten. Then you would change the year in the financial report from 2021 to today. And last but not least you would add a line drawing of your church in the Excel cell to represent the church as a whole. So now all that you need to do is change a few numbers in the beginning of the excel document and off you go.

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It can be confusing enough to make these kinds of changes in an annual statement that we send out once a year. And it can be even more confusing if a single mistake is made and the accountant has to rewrite the whole thing. To avoid this kind of problem, try using free excel templates that are available online. They are easy to use and will save you a lot of time and money when it comes to preparing the financial reports.

The next thing that you will need to do is to download and install the free Microsoft Word application. Now open the template that you have created with the Word application. In the left pane of the Word application click on the button called “Pages”. Look for the word “Aid Grant”, then click on the “Search” button.

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In the text box type “Aid Grant” and then type the appropriate text into the text box. After finishing the entire financial analysis, save the sample report by clicking on the “Save” button. To print the sample report, just click on the “Print” button.

Of course you are not done here yet. The next step would be to create a report that is based on the information that you have just input into the Word document. Click on the “Page” tab, and then look for the appropriate icon. For this example I am using the icon named “Annual Audit”. By selecting this icon you will be able to easily view all the financial statements that have been generated from the financial analysis tool that we set up earlier in the process.

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Save the financial report templates that you have just created by selecting the “Save” button. A pop up message will appear, asking you to name a password. Once you have named a password for your account then you can safely save the financial statements into the proper location.

The next thing that you need to do is open the financial reports that you saved into the Word document. Look for the “iscalendar” icon, which is very useful for looking back through the past year. If you look at one of the previous months’ financial reports that you have created, you should notice the date and the page number that it was created on. You can use this information to jump back through the entire year and make sure that you have the right numbers to complete the small church auditing that you are planning on doing.

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Now that you have these numbers, you can use them to jumpstart the process of creating the first Baptist monthly reports. First, you will want to open the pdf-format document that is provided by the financial software. This will be the official document that the congregation will look at whenever they are doing church background checks. Once the software has opened up, you can either print or simply save the document as a PDF. Then you will need to take the time to go back in your Word document and search for the appropriate heading numbers that you have already inserted into the document.

After you have inserted those headings into the appropriate spots, you should then create the first set of statements that will appear on the financial year end. The easiest way to create these statements is to use the template that is provided by the financial software, as well as the text that you have inserted into the document from the previous steps. Once you have done so, you can print out the finished PDF file and then attach it to the appropriate letterhead or online document management system.

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