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If you’re a kid and you’re still playing basketball even if your years are long gone, then it’s about time that you started making your own basketball scouting report. Much like other scouting reports, the layout should include an area for the players in charge, the people who carry the responsibility and trust, and those looked on to protect the interests of carelessness or negligence. Always remember that accidents can butcher a promising career, so it is important to prepare and distribute your scouting report properly. Your best bet is to start with a good layout, which could even be drawn up by your child! Let us count the ways.

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– One-column basketball scouting report templates have lots of blank spaces. These are the areas where you can fill in your own information. The reason why you want to include details here is that it would make your report longer if you include all the relevant details instead of leaving the space for blank spaces, which are there just to fill in. For example, let us say you have written down the player’s name and position but forgot to put his NCAA scores.

– If you don’t want your kids to be responsible for the printing, you can always printable report templates. There are lots of printable report templates available online, and they are very easy to use. Just select the format you want (comma-list, table, or cell) and give the name of the person you want to send it to. Just as with the one-column layouts, it’s very easy to edit and adjust the information once you’ve sent it out to your boy scouts. Just change the dates, the venue, and all the pertinent information will be there if ever you need it.

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– Make sure the scouting report is shorter and snappier. You don’t want your kids to spend more than 3 hours ago studying it. Remember, it’s not the quantity of words that matters but the quality of the words that you put in it. Don’t use too many unnecessary words, or else you might lose some points with your boys and this would be a total showdown when it comes to their reading comprehension.

– Make your basketball report shorter yet snappier by using shorter sentences. One great example of a shorter yet snappier sentence is: “The guard came off the bench, took charge in the middle, created two free throws, and finished the game with a crucial block.” Another example would be: “Chin Mang will probably be our best player coming off the bench, he is a strong defender, rebound player, and shot blocker.” Keep in mind that coaches often see players differently so use words that they may understand.

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– Use shorter yet cleverer sentences for simpler ideas. One good example would be: “We’re playing against a really good team tonight in Houston, who has a star studded front line that can go off the bounce and hit a bunch of three-pointers. I feel extremely confident that we can handle them just fine based on our practices.”

– Use longer sentences for complex ideas. Here’s an example. “I feel extremely confident that if we continue to play the way we are currently playing, we will be able to take home this division.” In this template image, you will see that the sentence is longer than the average sentence because of its complexity; however, it’s still relevant because it gives the reader a better idea of what you feel about the competition.

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– Use numbers. You should include numbers in your basketball scouting report because you want the readers to have an idea of who your biggest and best players are at this very moment. You may also want to note individual statistics for key players. For example, ” Karl Towns has been terrific the last couple of games.” This example shows that your coach is highly encouraging his star player to play well, so keep that in mind when coaching basketball.

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