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Most writers prefer the case report format, believing that Case Reports carries much more weight in terms of reader response than regular letter to the editor. Even “hard copy” documents have to be read. If your document is not an online article, it has to be read – and read thoroughly. A well-written letter to the editor can be easier to write than a case report.

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There are several advantages to the case report format. It is considerably faster to write business reports using a template than it would be to compose them from scratch. In most cases, the template will already include all the data necessary. If not, you can usually simply add your own or borrow from resources.

Another advantage to using a case report format is that most readers are familiar with this format. Therefore, there is little resistance to the submission process. If you have completed the template correctly, there should be no reason to alter it, as it should meet the needs of the original customer. This can often be a big help in expediting the case series submission process.

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I recently completed a case report in preparation for an upcoming teaching job. My clients asked me to use a green bn (case number) template. Their requirement was that I not only include the customer’s name and address, but also the company name, which I thought would be helpful. I started by searching the internet for a case report format that used the green bn but could not locate anything. I then tried searching Microsoft Office Online, but I could not find a template that was appropriate.

I decided to make my own, which I used in our online consulting business. In my own template, I used the company’s name as well as the address as the contact information. Because of the specific needs of our business, I believe this would have been more appropriate than using the generic green bn template. Although, for larger companies, the green bn template would be appropriate, it may not be a good choice for smaller consulting firms or solo practitioners. I have since refined this template a bit and found that it is now able to be used in most of my cases.

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Another resource for prepared reports that is widely used is medical journals. Medical journals are read widely and used for research purposes, so it should not come as a surprise that they provide a good platform for preparing case reports. It is important that the authors understand that the medical journal should remain confidential and it is critical to include bibliography and contact information.

The final type of publication commonly used for case reports is peer review. When preparing a peer reviewed publication, it is necessary that the authors adhere to peer review guidelines. These guidelines are provided by the Journal Review Board. Many times the Journal Review Board will require that the authors submit a letter that explicitly identifies the journal, the publisher, and the originating source of the case study.

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One of the best approaches that I have found for incorporating peer review into my clients’ manuscript preparation is to use a case-report editing service. Such a service would provide an editor to review the manuscripts after which make the necessary changes based on their recommendations. This has greatly reduced my workload, which allows me to focus more time on other areas such as case-study design, writing, and sharing creative ideas. If you are a writer interested in exploring the area of case reports, I highly recommend you consider pursuing this type of editing.

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