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An investigation report template is a generic form of written document typically utilized to conduct an investigation and come up with a report on a specific subject. Most times, such a report consists of the basic investigation findings as well as recommended action. These recommended actions are then further analyzed to the individual or entity being surveyed. However, some people use the template as an investigative tool only and not necessarily as a report that can be used as legal evidence or as an exhibit in court. If that is the case, it is important that you be aware that even if your template is not used for legal proceedings, you may still want to include certain elements found in the generic template to make your report more comprehensive.

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Because there are many different templates available, it is not surprising that many of them will be significantly similar. However, you should look for certain factors when considering which investigation report template you want to use. For one thing, not all investigation report writing programs have the same level of detail or granularity.

For instance, some surveys merely ask respondents a few standard questions regarding incidence. They may indicate whether or not there was a sexual incident, if so what details were involved, and if so, what the results of that particular incident were. While such a generic format might be fine for a simple generic complaint about workplace harassment, if you have reason to think that there may be a context-based issue involved with the alleged harassment, you need to be able to specify that problem as specifically as possible in the allegations section of your template. Otherwise, your template could be considered as having little value as an investigation report, even though it did provide respondents with the basic information they are required to provide in an investigation.

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The second factor to consider when looking for the right investigative report template is whether or not the program comes with an editable, customizable feature. Some investigation reports simply require respondents to indicate what they think the facts may be regarding the incident in question, without prompting for additional information or clarification. In this respect, the template would serve well enough. If, however, the survey is designed to look at whether a workplace harassment problem actually exists or is likely to occur, the template has much more potential value to provide you and your investigators. Template investigation reports can be customized to give you and your team a chance to gather specific information relevant to your specific needs as an investigator and as a representative of your company. You may want to include specific behaviors that employees are known to engage in, specific times, days, and places of the alleged harassment, and so on.

Another thing to look for when selecting a workplace investigation report template is to make sure that the document is easy to read and understand. As a standard, any document provided to an investigating officer should be clear, concise, and easy to follow. An investigation report should provide reasonable evidence to support the validity of the allegations made against a specific employee. If that evidence does not exist, your investigation reports may as well be useless. Even if a particular template allows for reasonable suspicion, if it fails to provide sufficient evidence to justify the suspicion, your investigation remains pointless and its results are inconclusive.

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A third thing to look for when selecting an investigative report template is whether or not the tool comes with a built-in scoring mechanism. In other words, if you or your investigators need a way to measure the strength of your case or the veracity of your accusations against a person, then the tool should include such a mechanism. Some tools come with i-sight – an online tool that enables people to rate the level of evidence and reasoning behind their suspicions. The higher the score, the more credible the underlying claim.

A fourth thing to look for when selecting a workplace investigation report writing software is whether it allows you to run the same tests and arguments over again. These tools are designed to allow you to do just that – run the same tests and arguments over again. This functionality should be a highly desirable feature, but unfortunately some tools do not have this capability.

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Lastly, when investigating the matter of workplace safety, it is important that you can easily export your findings to a Microsoft Excel document or any other document format that you need. Not all investigation report templates come standard with Microsoft Word documents. If your software doesn’t come standard with the Word, then you will have to buy a universal format converter to export your findings in Word. In this way, even if the original template doesn’t come standard with Microsoft Office applications, you can easily export your findings to Word and use them in your investigations. You can also use this approach whenever you need to conduct multiple similar investigations.

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