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Using Excel 2010 Templates to Make Your Life Easier

Whether you’re running a small business or a large corporation, you need to be sure you’re using the right Excel 2010 templates to make your tasks easier. Some of the most popular ones include Calendar templates, Issue tracking templates, and Gantt charts. There are also a number of templates that will allow you to group employees by department, create thermometer charts, and more.

Gantt Chart

Using an Excel 2010 Gantt chart template allows you to customize your chart. You can change the font and color combination, set the frame and choose the end date. There are also options for holidays. You can customize the layout and add workdays, as well as custom workdays. You can also resize the chart and remove the excess white space between bars.

In the chart area, you can add chart elements such as gridlines, legends, and date labels. You can also change the axis title and shape. The formatting tab has a range selection icon. This lets you change the major unit number, the minimum unit, the maximum unit, and the gap width. You can also select the series and the start and end dates of the data series.

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The Select Data Source window will open when you right-click the chart area. It will show your duration and legend entries.

When you add tasks to the chart, you can use the Gantt chart to track their progress. You can also set the colors of the milestones and general theme. You can reverse the Gantt chart to start with the first task or to reverse the category order.

You can create a Gantt chart that explains your project’s process. You can show the progress of a 30-day project or a 6-month project. You can add dates for each week or month, or you can choose to only show the first and the last. You can even set the chart to display the entire set of bars.

You can use the Gantt chart to predict blockers and show dependencies. You can also use it to visualize the total scope of a project.

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Issue Tracking Template

Managing issues can be a tricky task. Using an Excel issue tracking template can help you keep track of your projects. It also provides a comprehensive way to analyze your problems and come up with a solution.

An issue tracking template combines various sections to create a comprehensive list of issues. It can be customized to suit the needs of your project and customers. It helps you log relevant notes, assign issues, and create a plan of action.

The issue tracking template also helps you manage your business performance. It can be used to keep track of the number of issues that you have, their frequency, and how long it takes to solve them.

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It also allows you to set priorities for the issues that you are tracking. You can filter the information by type, priority, status, and date. You can also create custom reports to see what is going on with your issues.

The issue tracking spreadsheet is designed to help you manage incoming customer complaints and requests. The information in the spreadsheet includes the issue’s name, type, date, and open/close dates. It also provides an editable drop-down list for the customer’s details.

A professionally designed issue tracking Excel template is fully customizable and creates a clear visual representation of the associated risks. It is easy to use and will help you create a well-organized and organized spreadsheet that will allow you to track your issues and learn from them.

This Excel issue tracking template can be created in under a minute. It is a simple way for small and medium-sized organizations to get started on corralling their issues. It is especially useful for agile development processes.

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Calendar Template

Using an Excel template is an easy way to add your own personal touch to your calendar. There are many free templates available online. You can use these to create a yearly calendar, monthly calendar, or even an academic calendar. You can use the template to print or reprint your calendar.

There are a few things you should do before you begin creating your own calendar. First, make sure the first row is centered. Second, you should fill the days of the week in the second row. You should also align the day numbers to the upper-right of the daily boxes.

Then, select the month you want to use in the calendar. You can change the font, font color, and background of the month. You can also change the month’s title.

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You can also add pictures to your calendar. Drag an image from a file or use the insert tab. You can then add this image to the top of your calendar. If you want to use a company logo, you can add this as well. If you don’t want to put a picture at the top of your calendar, you can use the borders button. This will allow you to select the best border style for your calendar.

You can also change the background colors of your event entries. If you are creating a yearly calendar, you may want to choose a different color scheme for each year.

You can also set the margins on your calendar. You can also change the font size and font type. You can also change the background color of the weekday header. You can also change the color of the month title.

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Thermometer Chart

Using Thermometer charts in Excel is an easy way to display your project’s progress. It’s a great tool for representing actual value vs target value. Thermometer chart can be used in a variety of situations, including employee satisfaction ratings and sales performance. This template allows you to display up to three indicators in thermometer format. It also allows you to add images to create thermometer charts.

To format the axis, click the Axes button on the Layout tab. Once you select the axis, the Format Data Series task pane will appear. In this window, you can set the chart’s minimum and maximum bound values, change the colors of the bars and resize the shapes. The gap width can be set to 0%, 250% or more.

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In the Format Data Series task pane, double click on a data point and the Format Data Dialog box will appear. In this dialog, you can change the shape outline and fill color, resize the shapes, and change the fill and line style.

The secondary axis is located on the right side of the screen. You can align the left and right vertical axes, or simply remove the axis. It’s important to make sure that the scale of the secondary axis is consistent with the scale of the primary axis. The maximum bound should match the minimum bound. It’s also important to make sure that the minimum and maximum values on the secondary axis are the same as the minimum and maximum values on the primary axis.

In order to delete items on the chart, you can use the Chart Tools tab or the delete key. You can also remove series and gridlines from the chart.

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Grouping Employees by Department

Using Excel 2010 templates to create organizational charts can be a breeze. The trick is to find a template that will allow you to include a wide range of data. For example, your company might have employees working in a number of different departments. This will make it much easier to determine who is in charge of what. If you are dealing with a single department, you can use a template that allows you to group your employees by job title.

A template is the best way to go if you don’t have the time to learn how to build an org chart from scratch. The best templates also allow you to plug in employee details in a few minutes, saving you both time and effort. For example, you can create a matrix org chart with multiple managers slots. A matrix org chart is usually used by technology and engineering departments.

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There are a few different templates available, so you need to pick one that has the features you need. For example, you can download a free template that will help you calculate employee performance using key metrics, such as employee retention and performance. A dashboard will display these metrics and more. You can then change the numbers by adjusting a single metric. You can then run a heat map to tell you which departments are performing well and which are not.

If you need to see the big picture, you can use a map feature in the dashboard. This will allow you to see the company’s top and bottom performers by department. You can then compare departments by metrics, such as employee turnover.

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