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A business statement example is a concise, one or two-sentence overview of the problem being solved by the company. It is written in the first person – i.e., it is addressed directly to “you” or to “our” group (i.e., team). This type of document should be used for describing an important problem that needs attention, as well as documenting processes for improving the problem. It is usually written to accompany a presentation about the current situation.

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A business statement example can also be used as part of a training session. In this type of document, the trainer describes what problem he/she is solving and why they believe their approach is best. After explaining the problem, the trainer then describes the solution as well as the benefits of the proposed solution. The format of this document should be followed to make it more meaningful and easily understandable. Follow these guidelines:

* Properly describe the problem and solution. As the name suggests, the business statement example should properly define both the problem and the solution. The problem/solution should be described in such a way as to clearly identify the purpose of the document, i.e., to answer the question: “What are the objectives?”

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* Write a strong, direct statement. In this document, you will write the “essence” of your organization. You will want to begin this section by explicitly writing down the purpose and the key drivers behind the organizational growth. In addition, you will outline the business statement examples that support this statement, using the same language that you would use in a formal research paper.

* State the purpose. In this section, you will provide a clear explanation of the mission/obsession of the organization. The mission statement will become the crux of the essay. It is required that students must write a clear and concise statement of the purpose. The purpose of this section is also required in APA format.

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* Create a positioning statement. This is an important requirement, as the placement of keywords is the heart of the essay. You are required to place the targeted keywords, or keywords used for research, in a strategic location on both the body and the tags. For example, the tagline should appear at the top of the document, and the body may contain the other information such as information on the consumers, the customers and the business’s goals and objectives.

* Choose a good heading. Your target market will not read your document if they are not interested. Students should choose a heading that draws the readers’ attention to the important points. The most common use of the targeted keywords or a positioning statement in a header is to draw the readers’ eyes to the main points.

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* Make sure you use an appropriate heading style. The use of a colon or dots is not recommended. The formatting style of a block quote is not the same as the formatting style of a centered tag. Students may find themselves formatting too many times, or using excessively fine and unnecessarily large fonts, when they try to format a block quote using a centered tag. The use of an external facing paragraph is another recommendation made in an external-facing document.

* Include a thesis statement. The thesis statement must be written in the third person. A thesis statement is written to justify the claims in the document. A dissertation includes a thesis statement, so it is important to include one in a format that is compatible with an APA style format.

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* Be precise. Many documents lose their clarity when they become too complicated. A wordy statement about marketing strategies that describes the features of a car manufacturer may sound like a technical explanation. It may also make it difficult for readers to understand. In an APA style format, the use of words such as “it” and “the” is allowed. The placement of commas, spaces, or other formatting marks is not required.

* Add a call-to-action. A clear call-to-action gives readers a reason to read the entire document. It is important to create a call-to-action even within the body of the text because an accurate tagline can sometimes be overused. For example, a tagline for marketing strategies document could read, “Please click here to learn more about our new customer loyalty initiatives.”

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