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An inclusion statement can be written to give detailed information about diversity and inclusion. It also explains what the definition of “diversity” is, how it affects the workplace, how the definition should be changed, and how any adjustments should be made to accommodate diversity. The inclusion statement examples below provide a useful guide to this important document. Consult the Canadian Human Rights Act for assistance with the appropriate inclusion statement. Remember: Everyone has rights!

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An example can be written about how a Black woman might feel about being asked to join a White-collar job that involves traveling and experiencing new cultures. She may welcome the challenge, but she may not feel completely comfortable doing so. This person would most likely be seeking more information about travel. An example could be written about how a person from a different culture who enjoys martial arts and gymnastics can take part in an all-white workplace without any problems. This person has personal experience and the ability to relate to others; therefore, her experiences at work will not be perceived as discrimination.

A positive example could be written about how a group of people from the same or a similar ethnic background have all been hired as teachers at the school. The teachers have been hired to teach the same curriculum. Some have received support from the principal and the school administration for choosing to pursue this career type. All have been welcomed into the work place and are experiencing no discrimination.

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An example could be written to explain that the company is committed to hiring and promoting individuals who are in full compliance with the Canadian Human Rights Act. A clear reference is necessary to ensure the inclusion of women, aboriginal individuals, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered individuals in the workplace. An inclusive statement should be easy to read and understand. It should be structured to include the most common statements people may use to describe their beliefs and values.

An inclusive or balance statement will help attract and retain good employees. Diversity and inclusion statements can also include a company motto. This could be something simple like “We provide a workplace environment that is equal opportunity and successful for all”. Other ideas could be “We believe in treating people with fairness and equality.” The inclusion of these words shows that the company supports these core values.

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An inclusive or balance statement will show that you are willing to embrace other cultures and beliefs in the workplace. Your willingness to do this demonstrates you have diversity and inclusion in mind. You also have an interest in learning more about the differences between the cultures. You want to know what you will be doing to promote a fair and equitable workplace for all employees.

An example statement can be created by using quotes from current and past major company leaders. You can modify the quotes to match your own statements. You can also add a personal comment to make the entire statement more personal and specific to you. A more inclusive culture promotes harmony, peace, and productivity.

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There are many different ways to create an inclusive culture. You don’t have to rely on professional statements. Creating an example or statement can be just the thing to jump start your company’s diversified culture. Create an inclusive culture today.

You want to be sure to include everyone in an inclusive culture. Make sure you encourage diversity in every aspect of your company. Diversity and inclusion go together. When you welcome people into the office who look different from everyone else, you show them that being different isn’t a problem. When you welcome diversity, it shows that you are capable of assimilating and understanding people from various backgrounds.

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When you create a statement example, use of inclusive words. Avoid the “I” when you introduce yourself or provide information about the company. Instead, create a statement that contains “We”, “Us”, or “Yours”. This statement will be friendlier and more direct.

Be sure to keep your example and statement as clear as possible. It should be understood, but also simple to understand. A well-written example or statement example will make all the difference. It will help to create an inclusive culture for your company. The people who work for you will feel more comfortable and they will do their best to do the best job possible.

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