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Job Hazard Analysis is a vital component of construction safety management. It provides important information to project managers about the most hazardous conditions likely to occur on site and about those that could be considered acceptable under specific circumstances. The forms are primarily utilized in large buildings or facilities, such as power plants, mines, pipelines, dams, airports, chemical processing plants, water treatment plants, and others. They are also utilized in other settings where similar types of hazards might occur, for example, in agricultural facilities, the workplace, aviation, and others.

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The form template for this particular analysis was created by the US Department of Labor (DOL). It is an electronic document that can be downloaded from the DOL website. This is the standard format for the Job Hazard Analysis Worksheet and a more detailed version of the same can be found on the DOL website. The document is a convenient tool in determining construction safety compliance for facilities with a high concentration of potentially dangerous situations.

Job analysis forms provide basic information necessary for safety analysis and risk assessment. However, they do not provide all the information needed or required for a comprehensive analysis. They merely provide an indicator of possible risks while leaving many aspects out of the analysis. The analysis must be comprehensive to be valid.

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Job analysis forms provide several sections of information. A general section describes the nature and size of the facility, its operations, and its relationship to the environment. This section will typically include general descriptions of hazards (e.g., combustible materials, flammable liquid or gaseous vapors, corrosive chemicals, electrical hazards, etc. ), identification of sources (e.g., discharge of exhaust or leaks, surface runoff and transfer), and recommended solutions (e.g., locating and controlling access points, emergency procedures, etc. ).

Additional sections that are frequently included in the template for hazard analysis include general considerations for working practices and machinery safety. These considerations will help reduce the hazards identified in the analysis and will also guide supervisors in the choice of recommended solutions. Supervisors will also be able to use the results of the hazard analysis to assist them in implementing recommended changes in their own work practices and in their maintenance of workplace safety.

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Job analysis forms are useful because they identify specific sources of hazards that have been identified and controlled through analysis. The more sources of hazards identified, the closer they are to the actual site of the facility or the actual work being performed. The closer the ties between the hazards and the actual site of the activity, the more accurate the analysis will be. Specific control measures must then be implemented.

A hazard analysis form contains two important sections: a general description of the hazards, and a detailed description of each source of the hazard. It is very important that you choose the appropriate section to use when preparing your hazard analysis. You must ensure that the descriptions of sources of hazards accurately portray the hazard characteristics. If they do not, the hazard analysis form will fail to provide an adequate analysis of the hazards identified.

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If you prepare your own hazard analysis form, you can make it as comprehensive or as specific as you wish. In most cases, you will simply need to indicate the nature of the hazard, which will usually be stated in one of several ways. In some cases, you might need to indicate if the hazard will be likely to cause death or severe injury, or even death or serious injury and damage to property. Other than that, you should be free to determine all other aspects of the hazard, such as its potential for causing damage or causing people to become injured or fall ill, and the means by which it might accomplish these goals. The hazard analysis form that you use must be well designed and well written so that you create an effective work environment or workplace that eliminates all unnecessary risks and dangers.

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