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A video release form is a technically binding contract in which the videographer willingly transfers the legal ownership of their video footage to the videographer from the subjects own or directly without the subject’s consent to the videographer. With this service comes numerous advantages for both videographers and subjects. Get instant access to free Video Release Form tools right now! Learn more below.

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When doing an interview, a video and interview release form is often required. In some situations where it would be impossible to have a face-to-face interview, a video recording of the interview can serve as adequate documentation and consent for legal consent to recording the interview. Legal consent is typically sought by both the videographer/interviewer and the subject to the interview or recording. Once consent is secured, there is generally no need for further interaction or questioning.

Videography is the process of capturing still shots with a digital camera or other device and then using those images for broadcast on the internet, on television, or as part of a feature film. It’s one of the most popular types of artistic expression available to today’s media artists. While a great deal of artistic control over the content of the photographs and videos is inherent within the filmmaking process, video production also requires additional steps before the images are released into the public domain. Among these steps is obtaining the proper media release forms. Media release forms are legally binding contracts between the videographer or the subject of the photograph/video and the media outlet wishing to broadcast or distribute the captured images.

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As part of the legal agreement between the videographer/media outlet and the subject of the captured footage, there may be stipulations regarding the use and/or publication of the captured footage. Some of these stipulations pertain to the identification of the subject(s) of the video or photograph and the property rights owned by the subjects in the image or video. For example, it may be permissible to capture footage of a political demonstration but it would not be permissible to publish that same footage with the same label (i.e., democratic party candidate) to air on multiple national news stations and TV networks without separately identifying the political party with which the person is associated. Media release form requirements often specify which parties may be involved in the capture, storage and use of imagery. In addition, it may be permissible to use images or video recordings for commercial purposes; however, any revenue generated from the use of such recordings or from the sale of copies of such recordings must remain discretely attributed to the actual media outlet from which the images were captured.

Any legal purpose for which the captured imagery may be used can be determined by carefully reviewing the terms of use of each individual template. A properly prepared form may specify the purposes for which a photographer/ videographer may use the photographs and videos they have captured. In addition, there may be provisions regarding the timeliness of any such media release and the potential for any such use to constitute a defamation or other legal action. Some templates even define when a media release is appropriate for dissemination. Finally, certain templates provide space for comments, questions and suggestions and may also allow for correction of any information contained in the media release.

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It is important to make sure that any photography release form template that you use complies with all of your state’s laws and regulations. These may include any laws that govern the creation, possession and/or disposal of recording devices. Make sure that the forms contain the information that you want the recipient to know and that they are complete and properly completed.

You may want to consider using template today to create a video consent form. A video consent form is often required when filming commercial purposes such as videos for YouTube, advertising or public service announcements. The video consent form contains the information that is required by law in order for a video to be considered a commercial product. The template today also includes spaces for comments and suggestions and should include the information that you would like the recipient to know.

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Another type of template you may want to consider using to create your video release form may be the interview template. An interview template can be very useful if you are planning on conducting an interview as part of your marketing campaign. If you are creating an interview with a potential customer or client, you will want to make sure that the information provided in the template adequately addresses any questions that the interview may have. If you are preparing for a radio or TV broadcast, you may want to consider including sound-board interviews.

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