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Get ready for mailing: get HIV consent form template ready for sending to those who have been infected by HIV. Choose the appropriate form, you’ll need at the library. Open the appropriate form in an internet editor.

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Look over the guidelines to decide which details you should add. Type in the details and choose the appropriate fields. Use a pointer or pen to enter the details. Press the return key when you are finished.

Print out the completed form. Make copies of several copies. Give a copy to your contacts and the medical team you are working with. Keep a second copy for yourself.

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Secure a hard copy of the HIV consent form. You can use the latest secure document delivery services available in your country. Make sure that the document is certified. This way, if there is ever a problem, you will be able to get your hands on it.

Print out the HIV consent form on colored paper. Use bold, large fonts. This makes it easier to read. It also adds a professional look to the document.

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Hand out the consent form. Have people to assist you as you open the document. Explain to the individuals present what the details are and why they need to sign it. Remind them of what AIDS is all about. Invite them to visit a web page for more information about the disease.

Hand out the forms to those who have access to the contact information you’ve provided on the forms. They should read it carefully. Ask each person to take the document and hand it to someone they know and trust. Then, explain to them what the document means. Give them the information they need to make an informed decision on whether they want to get tested or not.

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If you are planning to test, ensure you have one or two HIV consent forms on hand for when people come for a consultation. Hand out a couple of these forms during their consultation. Get their contact information together for the next step. Then, inform them of the results.

Inform them at this point if they are eligible for one or more clinical trials. If they qualify, they should fill out the form. If they decline, indicate this on the form. Then, arrange for the next available HIV testing.

Strengthening the Informed Consent Process in International Health Research through munity Engagement The KEMRI Well e Trust Research Programme
Strengthening the Informed Consent Process in International Health from hiv consent form template ,

After the first group of individuals has consented, have another person go through the process with each person. Encourage them to provide information they may have forgotten during the initial screening. This will help your team to ensure they are really interested in being screened. It also helps with getting people to remember information.

Once everyone has completed the form, be sure you have a hard copy for everyone. Use it again to input any new data that has come up. You do not want to have to re-enter this data into the system.

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When everyone has completed the HIV consent form, you can close it and forward it on to the clinic that offered the clinical trial. They will be able to review the forms. They will ask for some more information from you. This is to ensure that they can make an appropriate evaluation of your potential medications.

Make copies of all three forms and return them to the clinic. Have the HIV nurse go through the information on each form. Ask her questions that she needs to know. Then have the forms reviewed by a legal assistant. She will help ensure that the consent form is legally appropriate and that it accurately states all of the information necessary.

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