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The Standard Logical Form contains the most commonly used English verbs and their common application. It was devised by Thomas Jefferson as a logical example of how an obligation is more likely to be violated when it does not have a corresponding benefit that satisfies the anticipated need. For instance, one of the Ten Commandments forbids harming others. However, if we do not benefit from harming others, this Commandment loses its validity.

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Other examples are: We shouldn’t help others if we do not get something in return. This example is true, because if we do not receive anything in return, an obligation is being violated. On the other hand, we should help others because getting something in return will bring us something of value. Thus, the first sentence in the above Standard Logical Form example is violated and therefore, the second sentence in the example is also a violation. The Standard Logical Form also includes a tautology: an obligation is assumed where there is no required action.

Let’s assume that the United States did not become involved in World War I. The following sentences are from a newspaper article written at a time when the United States was neutral and ready to help any European country that wanted it. One of these articles contained a Standard Logical Form example: “The United States is currently neutral. If England and France declare war on us, we will be obligated to assist them in any way we can. This means that the French and English could agree to attack us without violatecating the neutrality law.”

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This was an excellent example. The problem with the above example is that France and England might agree to attack the United States without violating the neutrality law. The reason that the United States would be obligated to help is that they are members of the Commonwealth of Nations, which is an international organization. The United States, under the advice of their Constitution and the powers delegated to them by the United States Congress, are obliged to provide assistance in cases of public health emergencies, as defined by Article IV of the Articles of Organization. The same goes for other member nations of the Commonwealth of Nations. In a nutshell, the phrase “public health” is used to describe any situation where one country (or group of countries) find themselves compelled to make use of public resources to meet another country’s needs, even if it causes civilian harm.

The United States is not a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, and therefore, the United States is not obligated to render assistance in any emergency situation unless it causes civilian harm. This is known as the Emergency Planning and Response Act. This Act is also called the Stafford Plan, after its author, Dr. William Horatio Stafford. Although the United States is not required to reimburse citizens who render assistance in an emergency, it does have a number of obligations incumbent upon it in terms of assisting in emergency management.

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The first such obligation is to render assistance when the government requests it from a foreign nation. A further duty is to assist a civilian medical treatment for any injury or illness that may be inflicted on any citizen of the United States whether that person is a United States citizen or not. In the event of an emergency such as a natural disaster or an outbreak of a disease, or any other situation where there is a serious threat of serious injury or harm to any person, it is the responsibility of the United States to help medical personnel in their efforts to care for the victims and to provide emergency medical care. This is known as the emergency medical service or EMS.

An additional obligation is to assist any member of the United States military who becomes injured while serving in an emergency response phase. An additional obligation is to assist any civilian rescue or recovery personnel who are injured while participating in an emergency response phase. An additional obligation is to assist passengers of air crafts that crash-land on a foreign water because of a natural disaster or accident. There is even an additional responsibility to provide assistance when requested by a member of the public transport an emergency patient from an area in need of medical care. All of these emergency services provider responsibilities incumbent a continuing obligation to act in a manner that best provides for the security interests of the American people and meets the specific legal obligations that each has to its people.

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The American people are under no legal obligation to pay for any of the above-mentioned duties, unless a clearly demonstrated need to do so is there. If you feel that you were unwillingly placed in an emergency situation, or if you believe that the United States government has not been responsive to your needs, you may file a lawsuit against them. If you do, then you will be representing all of the thousands of American citizens who suffered injuries or lost their lives, as a result of government negligence. A good lawyer will be able to build a strong case for you based upon the facts of your particular situation and the laws that have been put into effect by the United States government and its agencies. The resources that are available on the Internet can give you more information on how to select the appropriate standard logical template for your personal injury claim.

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